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One-Line Bio

Steve Miller is Kelly’s Dad and a Strategic Marketing Gunslinger.


Steve is a student, teacher, and designated thinker of curious, forward thinking, and continually restless (defined as dissatisfied with status quo) organizations. He operates a virtual strategic laboratory developing practical tools for applying the concepts that flow from his research and experience. (OK, he’s a consultant.)

The essence of Steve's work is to develop creative and implementable ideas that create value propositions for associations, and corporations. Steve has been variously called a change agent, alchemist, visionary, gadfly, and pain-in-the-butt. Some people actually don’t like him, and even say bad things about him.

His clients are unquestionably elite, and in his own words, “very way cool people,” including 15 of Tradeshow Week's Top Twenty expositions and many Fortune 100 corporations.

Steve has presented over 1000 speeches, workshops, and seminars around the world. Besides his five books, he has written for, and has been featured in, over 250 publications, including Fast Company, Business Week, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Sales & Marketing Management, ASAE's Association Management, PCMA's Convene, TSEA’s ideas, and Highlights. (OK, he made that last one up.)