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Jerry Doll

It goes back to the poem by Robert Fulghum: "All I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten."

I vaguely remember the United Airlines commercial. I'm not sure that scenario would really "fly" in real life (pun intended).


Ok, another great post. Be brilliant at the basics - I love it. However, over the last few posts you keep writing something that just doesn't sit well with me. I have to comment on it. It is "BFF." Did you pick up this term from your daughter? I know that you brand yourself as "Kelly's Dad"... so I guess maybe the BFF fits with that part of your brand? Otherwise, when I hear BFF, all I can think is "Teeny-bopper." It just doesn't seem like a term that fits with "highly experience marketing consultant", and it quite literally throws me off as I read your post.

So, to go full circle; I once had someone tell me to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and not to get caught up with the newest "thing." I know "BFF" is not a new term, but when I read it, it seems as if it is deliberately being used to portray yourself as being "young and hip"... when in actuality it comes across as a Dad that is trying too hard to be cool (when he isn't).

Don't take my comment too seriously... even though it throws me off, I do have to smile and laugh a bit. Oh, and I do think you are cool and experienced - but I just have to keep telling myself this as I read "BFF."


Jeff, Just relistened to the United ad for the third time and reread the Be Brilliant with the Basics. I have a print that reminds me of my Grandfather (who started our business in 1924) on my office wall. It is of a pair of Mallard ducks on a pond with an occupied duck blind in the backround. It reads: Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like heck underneath! Always lessons to be learned!

Kay M

Actually, I LIKE "BFF." It fits who you are and I take it as tongue in cheek. You call yourself a "Marketing Gunslinger," identify yourself as "Kelly's Dad," and never wear a tie. I happen to know you refuse, on principal, customer agreements that contain a bunch of "legalese." You're different and unconventional, which is a big part of your brand.

Because of that, I think "BFF" makes a nice, playful connection that fits. It shows a two-way appreciation for your relationship with your readers.

BFF is definitely a teeny-bopper phrase, but it's become so pervasive that even our own teeny-bopper only uses the term BFF in jest. So to call your readers BFFs is a fun twist.

I understand the commment Ryan made - but that's my opinion. I'd be curious to learn what other (blogees?) think they/we should be called.

And Ryan, did I change your mind? :)

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