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Dave Brady

So Steve, since I don't get an 85.00 haircut what are you changing in the changing room?

Ronnie Smith

I get it.
How do I get my staff to get it and more importantly give it? If you are giving that
something extra, price is a non consideration.
Ronnie Smith, Camera Wholesalers,

Deb Holton

What role do you think culture plays in being able to provide the 'experience'?


I am a backwoods boy. What does a "hair stylist" use a changing room for? As for the rule: excellent.

Eric Sullwold


I got it. It goes back to the golden rule. Provide the best and you will get it in return.
Keep sending our the old rules. It helps old duffers like me to pass them on.


I completely agree with you Steve, that's why I looked for the hair dresser I use today. She's great, the experience is great and her knowledge on nutrition and how to care for your hair is fabulous. I'm working on getting this message across to my marketing team. Thx, Steve!

Kay M

Well as a postscript, I think you should tell the story of what happened the last time you went to Rick to get your hair cut. He was running late. You told me when it came time to pay, Rick said "no charge," because he felt bad that you had to wait so long!

Impressive and memorable. And, after 23 years he already knew he had your loyalty. But that was, I think, an over-the-top nice move on Rick's part.

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