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Okay, I know this post is about "Value" and not really about a squirrel-proof bird feeder, but I ran across this link just last week so I had to share it: http://youtu.be/X8YZIhlWpS0

I love the music and the sound effects. More amazing than the feeder is the fact that apparently squirrels can talk!!!


Love it.

Don Reisinger

What your dad needed was a break barrel, pellet gun that fires at 1000 fps (please PETA members no comments necessary). Aim for rumps. Doesn't kill but instills the simple premise that this feeder is not a safe place to eat.


We really need to start putting ourselves in the shoes of our costumers (or put on their hat). It may seem hard at first but it's really important to address the costumers need.

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