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Joanne Zwingler Farinacci

Hear, hear! Thank you Steve.


This was really good for me to read. I do genuinely care for people... but somehow felt that "Business is Business" and "personal is personal." Customers know that they can trust me and I believe they know that I care... but you've shown me that I could (and should) take it to another level. I typically don't ask about the family or what is going on in their personal lives. It makes sense that this is a big relationship builder... time to change my ways.

Thanks Steve.


Thanks Steve, it's great to know there is still someone out there who believes this. My wife and I own a small niche business that has been built on this premise. The only trouble is that the big "We don't care" companies have instilled this belief that the small, caring knowledgable business can sell goods at the same price as the big guys and have everything in stock all the time like the big guys. They certainly aren't willing to pay a little extra for great service and knowledge. So while we feel we are winners, sometimes it doesn't look like it on the bottom line.

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