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Nikki Groom

Great article, particularly this quote:

"We must BE DIFFERENT from the competition. And we must be different in a way that is meaningful, relevant, and hard to copy. This is where I've found content marketing to be a great strategy."

I look forward to all the new content you'll be adding this year, Steve.

Steve Miller

Thanks, Nikki! I always appreciate your comments.

Steve Miller

One of my very best BFF's, Jackie E-S, commented about this post in a Ravelry.com discussion group. A woman named CherylN posted this link in that discussion: http://shouldiworkforfree.com/clean.html. This is hilarious! Check it out.

And a HUGE thank you to Jackie E-S!

Elke Clausen Clausen Messeconsulting

Hi Steve,

Thanks for this great article! I do appreciate your input, and totally agree with Nikki!

I too look forward to your content ahead!

It's always inspiring, and it reminds me to never stop developing new ideas!

Content marketing is one of the most popular marketing topics in Germany. We mainly work with whitepapers, book abstracts, e-books, free webinars, and sometimes videos.

Since market has been flooded lately with all this stuff, I guess the dosis can be a critical point, at least in b2b-market. Don't you think so? What would you suggest as a recommendable frequency for b2b business?



Dan Hooks


I completely agree with your assessment of the "free" philosophy. I think any marketing program can work if you have the right target and the right approach, but "free" does allow certain groups in our society to take advantage of others if not monitored closely.

Specifically, I am in the event business and we are inundated with calls for fundraisers and charities looking for anything they can get for free. We show them the value in our equipment and explain to them that we provide a service for them to raise funds from their constituents by providing them value in the event. We have formed some great relationships with many of the organizations who understand the concept, but it is like you said in the article...the more you bend over backwards and give your services away the more they want and never seem to appreciate your costs in the matter.

As someone coined in our industry - "I am all out of free and I am not making any more".

I always enjoy your blog...Keep up the good work.



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