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Ron Gilmore

Hey Steve,

We are spoiled brats!!! And we keep paying to be spoiled! Hmmm...

Steve Miller

Yes, we are, Ron! I'm as bad as anyone. Can't you tell by my hotel rants?

Jeff Williams

Continuing with the hotel comparison, what would be and example of an innovation as opposed to an improvement?

Anyone have an idea?

Steve Miller

Great question, Jeff! I'll save my own response to see if we get any others.


WiFi, for free? You must be staying at Motel 6 or Red Roof. I have found in my travels that the cheaper a room is, the more likely it is to offer free WiFi. It's a personal pet peeve. Not sure why they believe the cost of internet access needs to be $10 a nite. And, if it really is, just add it to the room rate, and don't tell me! I'd rather they charge me when I forget a razor or a comb. At least then, it was my own damned fault...

Steve Miller

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to point that out. I'm with you, Don. The pay-for-WiFi policy at the most expensive hotels simply makes no sense. But then, most hotels don't make sense, anyway.


Very good. I totally agree. I'm as demanding as anyone I ever fuss about. Here's one today: I am buying several ipads for customers as part of a winter promotion. Also cases with keypads to go with them if my customer acts before a certain date. After throwing a TON of business to my local Verizon store, the manager doesn't want to give me a 20% discount on my latest ipad case (merely to meet the competition's price) because that is all I needed today. Now that makes a lot of sense. I'll just take my ipad business somewhere else (already in the thousands of dollars with two more weeks still open on the promo) because this guy didn't want to give me a twenty dollar break and also kept me on hold for twenty minutes just so I would be really agitated by the time he made up his mind. Go figure.

Kate Jackson

love it. thanks again for the insightful inspiration! now back to work...

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