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This was one of your best shared "life's lessons learned". Kay hit the nail on the head. It comes down to knowing your audience and its expectations.

Dale Farkas

Hi Steve,

This commentary really hit home and reinforced my thoughts on a newsletter I'm about to write for professional photographers. My newsletter will be about the power of an unexpected gift.

I'm going to suggest ways that photographers can use some specially tailored gifting ideas that are similar to successful ones used in other industries such as hospitality and cosmetics.

What struck me in your newsletter was that you hit the key element right on the head. An effective promotional gift...like humor...must be unexpected but at the same time link to the brand or product being sold and expected.

It all comes down to combining the Wow factor with a logical connection that is appreciated by the person receiving he gift. The hoped for end result is a feeling of gratitude for the surprise gift and a willingness on the part of the person receiving the gift to reciprocate.

Hopefully, I'll have my email out by this time next week. It will be targeted to a very select mailing group of pros since I'll be offering them my own free gift (conditional in that they will have to order it within 48 hours) that has a real value of up to $45.

I'm not sure if you're on my professional email list or not. But, if you are interested in seeing my offer and newsletter (certainly not as good as yours) please just email me an address I can place in my professional email list.

I really appreciate your splendid emails. They are always thought provoking.

Thank you!

Best regards,



Mobile modular undergarments... Lol! Yes I have seen the advertisment for those on facebook.

Great story and lesson, thank you Steve!

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