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Eric Sullwold

Steve, Very interesting. I might have this wrong, but if you increase your 20% it will still be 20% all be it a higher value. As for equating this to time management I am the worst. My mind wanders and never seems to settle long enough to totally finish each project. They are always a work in progress. However I think I use the 80/20 rule since the project with the best possible roi seems to always stay on top.


I agree - the 80/20 rule is amazingly powerful. In my previous position it was easy to see that 80% of my time was working with accounts that were less than 20% of my business. By refocusing on the 80% of my income (which was less than 20% of my clients), I was able to keep them happy, retaining them as a customer and getting referrals from them that were great. It was a blessing to lose the 80% of my work... the hard part was getting over the "guilt" of not giving everyone the same attention.

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