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Kevin Graham

AND...only about 25%-50% or so e-mails even get opened. Snail mail...can't live without if you have a message to get out.

Debbie Holton

Totally agree. It's like 'back to the future'. I think 'personal' emails still work, but mass broadcast email is really losing its impact. My mom sent me a birthday email last year. She's 83. Seriously?? I gotta admit I was a little bummed. Mail is just more personal - and who wouldn't want a closer connection to their customers?
P.S. - my birthday is in two weeks :-)


I was at the grocery store the other day and picked up a direct mail piece (yes, it wasn't actually direct mail if it was laying around...but the lady obviously made them to mail out to her customer list) and I will be going to her advertised sale this Friday. I am going to make a point to tell her that her advertising worked!

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