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My first rule relates to the old cliché, "everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten."

...One of the best lessons learned in KG, was to treat others how I wanted to be treated.

This is my #1 rule in business (and life). Even if I'm dealing with someone not-so-pleasant, I treat them with respect and consideration. Most of the time, the no-so-pleasant people adjust their behavior. Go figure.


I fired a client with lots of money that was causing me lots of stress and treating me like a slave. Now I am sitting here with an almost empty schedule book for this week, so it was encouraging to read your article! Thank you for all the e-mails! I saw you speak in Las Vegas last year and am working to build my business using many of your techniques and suggestions. I think my friends may be getting tired of hearing me quote Steve Miller!!! Thank You!!!

Steve Miller

Thank you, Ruth!

It's comments, like your's that mean everything to me. I completely empathize with and appreciate the courage it took to fire that customer. In the end, I'm sure it was the right decision.

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