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Eric Sullwold


I whole hardheartedly agree. It is my time and I need to determine who I let in and who I hold off.
In today's world of instant communication we get bombarded and we need to learn how to control these lightening bolts of information. The speed of information wants to force us to make decisions without taking in all of surrounding background so that an informed decision can be made.
When I was young we called these "Time Outs". I have a number of time outs over a period of week.
We all need time to process, review, discuss before making a decision.
Thank you for bringing this subject up in this hectic world.

Gary Jones

Wow, I never thought of vicious that way, but you're absolutely right. We allow our time management to be killed with all of the reachability that is out there today. Thanks Steve and odn't worry about responding.

Bill Fetter

Steve, I don't think this is being a jerk at all, this is setting boundries, which is a healthy thing in both our work and personal lives. The relentless invasion of technology into all corners of our lives has made setting boundries very difficult to do, but it is also very necessary-- otherwise you will be at the mercy of the text/email/phone/cell/skype monster at all hours of the day and night. The assumption that just because someone has acquired our email/phone/cell contact information gives them the right to interrupt us at any time is the worst symptom of this problem. I especially like the latest one that I get which is the follow up email to the unsolicited email. At the risk of "just encouraging them" I'd love to have a snappy comeback for that one.

Steve Miller

Ah, Bill, you touched on another of my pet peeves. I'm amazed when I ignore an unsolicited email and then they send another asking why I haven't responded! Maybe a snappy answer like, "We are sorry to inform you, but Steve Miller passed away from an overdose of unsolicited emails."

Daniel Miley

Steve, Time is the only resource for which there is no adequate substitute. If being its vigilant steward makes one a jerk, then I was just appointed Prime Minister of Jerkdom.


Siiiiigh! I need to be more vicious with MY time. As a one-person show myself who seems to be very popular with talkers, it seems nearly impossible to get anything done...to the point that I am frustrated and overwhelmed with my endless list of to-do's and I even interrupt myself too much. Thank you Steve. I need to be more vicious.

Jesse Roach

Thanks Steve. I needed that so much. As a commissioned salesperson, my time each day is so critical. Between setting appointments and actual appointments, every minute of the day has value to my paycheck. I've taken the approach in a mini-vicious way to only take on tasks that are focused on making money, but there are many distractions as you have stated. I like the timer approach and am going to use it when setting appointments by phone with a goal and time to keep me on track. Thanks for the insight and encouragement!

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