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I would have chosen number 8 - this candidate made the least amount of errors in their letter and has experience with your subject matter.


#6 Demonstrated what he/she could with your ramblin' style.


I am surprised at how many errors there are! I actually may have gone for #3. Simplicity.


I am going to say number 9, short, concise, no fluff required, (assuming the first page draft was good)!

Bob Wahlstrom


I believe you chose Candidate #9. The reason I belive this is the person sounds very much like you a no nonsense peson who stated what they could when they could do it and what it would cost for them to do it.

Scott Hasson

I second candidate 6.

Mary Chisholm/MicroRidge


In a quick run through, I would choose #6 because they gave you 2 samples of their results: their focused reply and a sample of how they would edit your first 2 paragraphs. Speaks volumes I think and the details of their background can come later.


Amy Maddox

I say #2. Communication is key to getting what you want.


I would go with #6 if you liked it, if not #2 because they are taking the time to find out what you really want.

Judy Allen

#6. Its not about them...it's about you.


Another vote for #6. Showed what he can do for your specific situation. Brief, tight and bright.

Runnerup: #9

David VanDenburgh

#2 - The only candidate who asked good questions in order to establish assignment guidelines, and who set his/her own rule that two-way communication will be required. #2 understands that it's not about them, it's about you and how you want your message conveyed.

Jill Plaizier

#3, #6, or #9, as they provided concise replies to your request, and write in a style similar to yours. #6 lost me with "that's why you're picking up this book". I didn't see any reference by you to publishing the transcripts as a book, only that you wanted them transcribed and readable. I think your gut response would be #3, but your sensible business person response would be to hire #9 if the attachment was written in your style.


No. 9, assuming the attachment was acceptable.

No.6 also demonstrated the right spirit.

Amazing number of errors in these, especially in those that mentioned proofreading as a skill.

Rich Crockett

Hey Steve is this a trick question...duh, number 6. The answer was about you, not them. Just like in video...show'em.

Happy Holiday's to you looking forward to seeing you at Boot Camp.

I gave Tom you regards.



has to be #9 !!!
although i would have looked at #3 as well


6 and 9 have my top billing, with out seeing the work from #9

Bob Richardson

Steve I would go for #9. Short and to the point.

Dan Hooks

#3 - The person knows they are qualified. The point of editiing is to get through the junk to get to the point. Less is more.


I would choose candidate 9, as long as the sample sent was concise. There are a lot of candidates who say they are skilled in copy writing, but their resume sure didn't portray it. Candidate #8 sound over qualified. Personally I wouldn't do any copy writing for less than $50/hr. I'd be afraid of what I would get for $10/hr.

Jeff Beaudoin

I would choose # 9 also, this person seems to be just who you need.

Rhonda Chase

I would choose nine depending on the quality of the edit provided. Although, as I type this I'm second guessing myself. Are they asking you to work too much to go find their credentials...

I really look forward to hearing who you choose for the position.

Rick Noel

Nice exercise Steve. I would have chosen #6 as the respondent provided a real sample of their work using the actual transcript, showing how they understood the essence of what you were saying and were able to demonstrate how they could restate succinctly. The only pause for me was there was no guidance on price or schedule. Curious as to which one you chose and why? Thanks for sharing.


Candidate number 6. He didn't talk about WHAT he could do... he showed you!

Ruth Cialone

I would choose #9, assuming the sample of their work had no errors. The only other option seems to be #3, although that person is very concise and does not provide much more than the resume to go on. All of the others seem to not realize that if they are applying for a proofreading/editing position, their own writing to you should be free of ALL errors. Every time I post a listing for help in my business, I get resumes with so many errors that I wonder how they will do an accurate job for me when they can not even make a good first impression in written correspondence. I am glad to hear that you were successful in finding a qualified person. I can not wait to find out which applicant you chose! Thank you for all your e-mails. They have been such a help and inspiration for me as I build my business.

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