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Glenn Beckmann

Stunningly brilliant. As a dude, the only part I cringed at was the Menstruation Demonstration. As a Dad, I found it beyond entertaining. Like it or not, we Dads have little girls that are going to grow up to Hello Flo. This is a great demonstration of using edginess and humor to take the danger out of a taboo topic.

I just wonder if there are enough consumers with a sense of humor willing to laugh at this (and themselves a little bit).

Sandi Bjorkman

Brilliant. I don't even have a young girl and it peaked my interest. I will be going to explore "Hello Flo" on the internet as soon as I hit the post button here.

Dale Farkas

This video was both funny and entertaining.

Given how far we (and our children and grandchildren) are from the Victorian Era I certainly don't see any harm in it.

I'll be sharing this newsletter and video from you with my children, who are raising daughters.



I just watched this video 10 minutes ago in a link from my mom, who got it from my sister and took the opportunity to tack on her own camp story for us and her sisters. It must really be moving well and really connecting to people if you and my family both emailed it to me the same day! I love it!

Dave Gorden

Very interesting way to share some information that every young lady must know and deal with. If parents, that includes dads, are embarrassed to deal with this, it's going to happen anyway.
This may be a fun way to introduce one of the facts of life. It is the parents responsibility to make sure that their daughters understand what is happening to their body and the should make it comfortable for the daughter to talk about and ask any questions with them, not their friends who might be misinformed.

Scott Beck

Cute and entertaining way to cover a delicate subject. Didn't find it offensivre at all. Chuckled at a few parts. Saw this previously shared by some the ladies in my friends list on facebook. I suspect Hello Flo could be a huge success.


As I watched this I found myself completely shocked!

Shocked that with all of the advertisements geared towards this type of product, ZERO of it is geared towards "new entries" into the marketplace. I guess the perception has always been that they will simply "use what mom uses." Absolutely brilliant.

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