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Shane Zeppelin

I love these types of stories. They are very inspirational and offer great reminders that the simplest and smallest of details is what makes the biggest and most extravagant differences.

Sandra Smith

Great blog post! My dad was a self-employed drywall finisher. When I was growing up I often went to work with him in the summer. He told me that you must make sure that when you leave the job site, it is super clean and ready for the next tradesman to begin their work. So he would have me busy sweeping and scraping up drywall mud from the floor and dry wall tape and taking everything to the job site dumpster. I never forgot that.

I have been on job sites today and I have not seen the same practice of leaving the job site clean and ready for the next tradesman to start their piece of the construction project. I see bits and pieces of electrical wire, plumbing piping, wood from the carpenters and so on.

Your getting to the room early and making sure everything was ready to go so the meeting planner did not have to worry about that was a great reminder of the pride my dad took in his piece of the project of building a house.

I also enjoyed the part about realizing you are being hired to be a speaker and not a PRIMA DONNA. It amazed me that a speaker would think they were the focal point and not the event.

And yes, sending a thank you note with a gift is a really nice touch as well.

Mary Chisholm

Hi Steve! I shared this with my District 7 Toastmasters group that I've been a part of for many years. We learn this as a Toastmaster but I wanted to be sure that everyone was aware of the attention to detail when asked to speak in public. Not all Toastmasters are professional speakers but a good heads up for all. Kudos you by the way for the way you handle your speaking engagements.

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